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  About Michael T. Darda
Chief Economist/Chief Strategist & Director of Research
  Michael T. Darda joined MKM Partners, LLC in December 2003 as Chief Economist and Market Strategist. Before coming to MKM, Mr. Darda worked as Chief Economist and Director of International Research Polyconomics, Inc. Before joining Polyconomics, Inc., Mr. Darda worked in the Wisconsin State Legislature as a Staff Economist and Press Secretary.

Mr. Darda is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal and also has been published in the Washington Times and the Financial Times. Mr. Darda is quoted frequently in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and other publications. He is a frequent guest on CNBC and appears regularly on Bloomberg financial television and radio.

He graduated with honors in economics, journalism and public relations from the University of Wisconsin.



Michael T. Darda, MKM’s Chief Economist and Market Strategist, has a unique approach that combines macroeconomics with market strategy to deliver timely and high-impact actionable insights to clients. His research is designed to guide equity and fixed income investors toward higher risk-adjusted returns by determining where we are in “the cycle” using leading indicators, the credit markets and business cycle history to identify inflection points.

The macro research draws on an eclectic blend of forward-looking indicators and business cycle history to make 6-12 month calls on earnings, GDP, employment, stocks and fixed income markets.

Mr. Darda maintains frequent contact with a Washington D.C. - based contact network. These contacts are utilized to determine how the legislative process and policy decisions are likely to affect the markets and specific economic sectors.

MKM clients have access to the following:
MACRO BRIEFS - Timely and high impact daily interpretations of economic data, policies and events.

STRATEGY REPORTS - These reports include a macro chart book, domestic investment strategy recommendations, asset allocation ideas and equity sector selections.

QUARTERLY CONFERENCE CALLS - Mr. Darda conducts conference calls for clients on a quarterly basis to review major themes and the indicators that drive them.

The research is aimed at relevant and timely events, focusing on themes and ideas that move markets.

Communicating with Clients
Client briefs, reports and papers are distributed via email, fax, and ground mail. Client inquiries are answered by phone or email, depending on the preference of the client. Mr. Darda is available to do conference calls, speaking engagements and meetings upon request.

For copies of Mr. Darda’s most current research, please contact us at (203) 861-9060.


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