MKM Partners has over a 20-year history guided by the principles of responsiveness, diversification, and consistency.


MKM creates client loyalty with speed-to-the-market, low cost execution and value-added research.


We value the close relationships we have with our clients. These relationships enable us to become an extension of our clients’ trading desks and research efforts.


Communication is KEY. We pride ourselves on effective internal and client-based communication.


MKM provides clients with a high level of accessibility to the research team. Researchers sit on the trading desk in order to interact with traders and clients, adding value to our execution efforts.


The research team is focused on providing timely and actionable ideas that present clients with macro, technical and fundamental views that enhance our clients’ own research.


We strive to provide unparalleled service from back office operations to the level of conscientiousness we place on each order without regard to size.