Unique Perspectives From Unbiased Access
MKM’s Corporate Access program establishes and builds relationships between corporate management executives and institutional clients.

Our unbiased access can provide an institutional investor with unique perspective and analysis, while broadening and strengthening the investor-corporate management relationship.

Our Corporate Access Team acts as a conduit for corporations to meet existing and potential investors, supplies a venue to feature their story, and provides feedback from investors.

Services Provided by our Corporate Access Team Include:

  • One-on-one conference calls and face to face meetings
  • Group corporate conference calls with open Q&A
  • Non deal road shows sponsorship
  • Field trips and on-site visits
  • Industry consultant/specialist discussions
  • Teach-ins
  • Tailored special events
  • Annual conferences

At MKM Partners we are proud to host controlled conference calls with a vast array of corporate management teams. These calls are hosted by one of our research professionals and they provide an opportunity for companies and our investors, to touch base and discuss topics and themes that are mutually beneficial. For the company, it provides a cost free option for management to tell the company story in a time effective manner. For our clients, it provides them direct access to a real time Q&A with companies they either own or are interested in without leaving their desks; additionally it provides them a forum to hear thoughts and questions from other investment professionals.