Our Core: Research Driven Single Stock Derivatives Strategy
We work closely with our research professionals to identify instances when their fundamental view of a stock is at odds with current options pricing, typically around an event or catalyst.

Our view on options “mispricing” may be related to our analyst’s view of potential volatility and/or historical volatility around similar events.

In addition, for uncovered companies we will provide pure volatility commentary on options pricing (implied moves) around events, and identify instances where there are discrepancies relative to historical volatility.

Finally, we can perform custom strategy work by evaluating pricing to determine if an options trading strategy presents attractive risk/reward around a client’s directional view.

Institutional Client Service Capabilities

MKM’s Equity Derivatives trading desk works directly with institutional clients on options/volatility strategies and trade execution:

  • Options Execution on U.S. Equities, ETFs and Equity Index Products with facilitation (capital) capabilities
  • Research Driven, Actionable Options Strategies
  • Custom Portfolio Analysis and Hedging Optimization
  • Sector / Market Volatility Analysis
  • Real-Time Derivatives Market Intelligence and Commentary

Research Driven Options Strategy