MKM Partners’ Event Driven Desk closely follows the universe of event-driven opportunities, including risk arbitrage and other catalyst-driven situations.

MKM’s Event Driven Desk utilizes a strong understanding of transaction dynamics to assess hurdles to completion and generate actionable recommendations. While our team’s independent capabilities enable us to analyze the entire transaction universe, we also closely collaborate with other groups within MKM when we can combine our work with industry insights to deliver highly differentiated content and trading ideas.

Coverage Areas:

  • Risk arbitrage
  • Special situations
  • Spin-offs
  • Exchange offers
  • SPACs
  • Holding companies
  • Share-class trades
  • Convertible opportunities
  • Other event-driven opportunities

Product Offering:

  • Daily event driven updates
  • New M&A deal sheets
  • Intraday commentary
  • Specific action/recommendation reports
  • Antitrust analysis
  • Reports highlighting notable spread changes
  • Event-driven calendar/week in review

Event Driven Trading:

MKM Partners is committed to the risk arbitrage and event driven space. In addition to executing pairs, spreads, or ratio trades with algorithms, the firm prides itself on the execution capabilities of our individual traders to execute orders discreetly and while obtaining the best price. MKM’s Event Driven trading resources also include equity derivatives execution with multiple experienced traders who are well versed in options markets.